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Bringing together years of industry experience in Sports Marketing, Multimedia, & Athlete Management, as well as connections in professional sports & key partnerships across the globe; we continue to grow our network by applying leading strategies, & unparalleled expertise.

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Maintaining our focus on categories such as Sports Marketing, Brand Development, & Athlete Management has allowed us to cultivate successful relationships with some of the biggest names in professional sports, entrepreneurship, eSports & beyond.

Defining Sports Marketing!

At Mediabundance, we strive to connect, innovate, & grow with our clients & partners through devoted & passionate service!


The North American Collegiate League

NACL is an America-based non-profit eSports and entertainment organization that hosts video game tournaments and league play for universities and colleges with scholarship prizes. The NACL has a multitude of revenue streams and is entering a relatively unexplored niche in the e-sports market. The NACL is also a broadcasting company, streaming and uploading matches in league play.


The Playbook Podcast

Leveraging our global network, with the help of CEO, Author and Keynote speaker David Meltzer, "The Playbook" podcast tackles interviews, fireside chats, keynotes and exclusive conversations with the most influential CEOs, sports icons, celebrities, and successful entrepreneurs from around the country who share their personal and professional achievements, & stories about their journey.



As one of the most renowned professional sports trainers in the world, Chris Johnson continues to apply passion, experience & insight while training the top 1% of NBA Athletes, spreading into a dynamic range of coaching services, including executive coaching, & mentoring the top CEOs, industry leaders, and powerhouse entrepreneurs. In addition to ground-breaking development programs, the JusHoop commercial product line is also available now! Home of the #1 Basketball Shooting Aid in the World, the “Shooting Glove,” along with the game-changing training tool known as the “Dribble Blinders.” JusHoop & Chris Johnson embody the service, professionalism, & value that we strive to create here at Mediabundance, and we can't wait to help cultivate new opportunities as he continues to inspire and motivate people of all ages!

eSports & Partnerships

Innovation is of fundamental importance here at Mediabundance. With the help of emerging tech, we are beginning to capitalize on the newly developing eSports industry by teaming up with influencers & sports marketing companies that will prove to further our connection with all things sports! Check back soon for updates.

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We are always ready to connect with the next generation of forward-thinking companies & individuals that believe in the future of sports marketing & e-sports. Visit our 'connect' page to get in touch.