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Philanthropic & Charitable Partners

Along with our efforts to bring valuable solutions to companies, & organizations we are commited to keeping philanthropic & charitable efforts at the heart of our mission here at Mediabundance. Through passionate service & community-driven effort, we pride ourselves on partnering with companies that make an impact globally. Our founders have held high-ranking positions in international charities, foundations & various advocacy groups around the country for a number of years.

  • unstoppable foundation

    The Unstoppable Foundation

    The Unstoppable Foundation is a non-profit humanitarian organization fostering sustainable education methods for the benefit of children & communities in developing nations.

    By providing access to essential lifesaving resources, we are transforming lives & communities forever. Its not charity, its empowerment.

  • man-cave health

    Man-Cave Health

    Driven by the notion that men take better care of their cars than they do their bodies, Man Cave Health is breaking the silence surrounding sensitive health topics for men.

    Nearly 81% of men remember the make & model of their first car, but barely half remember their last doctor visit. Man Cave Health is committed to changing these statistics, and that means changing the landscape of mens health.

  • attitudes in reverse

    AIR Health & Awareness

    Attitudes In Reverse offers a comprehensive mental health plan to educate youth on topics from elementary level through college-age. AIR's programs are wrapped in messages of understanding, empathy & kindness towards all.

    At AIR, we believe in mental health education. Attitudes In Reverse is partnering with The College of New Jersey's Testing and Assessment in Psychology Lab. Programs are also available for parents, teachers and all school staff.


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